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  • The Joys of Buying Christmas Gifts

    I know I should have been surprised when I went to my Amazon account and discovered nearly £300.00 of orders waiting for me to purchase. And what were these items? Every one had a Dr Who theme. Clearly my son had been there before me. I regularly thank goodness for whoever invented passwords; my boy may make a wish list of goodies, but he can’t actually buy anything.

    So here we are in the run up to Christmas with my son indicating what he wants via Amazon mail. The only problem I foresee – as every year – is his tendency to refocus his obsessions, often, it seems, only a week or two before Christmas. I’m sure I’m not alone in spending on gifts to satisfy one passionate obsession, only for them to be greeting with hardly a glance from my son or, worse still, be thrown aside as my son looks expectantly for something to satisfy his next all-consuming focus. And, yes, he does prefer the boxes quite frequently.

    So how can we get around the problem?

    Firstly, don’t throw away any objects from a previous obsession. These will usually come back into your child’s focus at some point in the future – perhaps even this Christmas when you’ve bought for a now-passed obsession.

    Secondly, you could adopt the method of running around on Christmas Eve, armed with a fresh list of requests from your child. Of course, this isn’t for the faint-hearted, shy, nervous or those with a heart condition.

    Thirdly, you could cover the most likely obsessions – the current one and anything else likely to become a focus before Christmas. My son, for example, will reorient his focus according to any new movie he sees. This week he has suddenly become consumed by Paddington Bear, having seen the film last weekend.

    Finally, you can prepare for another Christmas morning of wilting looks as the ‘old’ obsession gifts are placed on a mental reject pile.

    If you’ve ever bemoaned the fact that your child’s focus of interest has stayed the same – often boringly so - for years, perhaps you may realise the benefits after reading this. If you’re looking for ideas for presents, check out this link:


    Good luck!


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